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The Original Southern Thai Restaurant

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In 2006, Tui Sungkamee and Sarantip “Jazz” Singsanong took over the little Thai restaurant on Sunset Blvd, and the food world changed. Jitlada quickly gained recognition after critics like Jonathan Gold came to enjoy their truly Thai spicy curries and exotic southern Thai dishes. You can find Jitlada and their chefs often on food tv shows and magazines. Zagat rated 2005-2018


“Our kitchen is small.
Our love for food is big.
Please be patient if your food is a little late.
We promise Jitlada’s food is worth the wait.”



  • With Thai dishes so “spicy” and “superb” (seriously, “be careful”because “medium here means ‘have the ice water ready’”) and prices so moderate, this East Hollywood setup for “adventurous” eaters “ain’t your usual pad Thai joint”; other than the “ordinary mini-mall”decor and “leisurely” service, it “lives up to its hype” as a “city treasure.”

    Zagat 2005-2018

  • The most popular Thai restaurant in town is famous not for its pad Thai, but for its stunning specialties from Thailand’s southern tail—curries enhanced with cassia buds or sataw beans, fried fish rubbed with fresh turmeric, mango salad with cashews, and the most awe­somely spicy dishes your tongue will ever meet.

    Sunset Magazine

  • The spiciest food you can eat in Los Angeles at the moment.

    Jonathan Gold